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Winter Wonderland Centerpieces for Beautiful Wedding Feel

Centerpiece in winter wedding theme would be more beautiful no matter it simple or cheap. The simple centerpiece but still giving feel of winter wonderland is just by arrange all white flowers with a touch of blue or blue and white candles with silver bells. Green snowy white topiaries would be the modern and elegant centerpiece on white tables. Winter animals figures, such as penguins, polar bears, winter birds, or sleighs filled with nuts, mints, candies, or silk flowers would give shades of whimsical. The other whimsical winter centerpieces ideas are snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, snowballs, ice hokey, candy canes, winter oranges, and Christmas village miniatures. The white flowers and white filler could be the winter centerpiece and it would be good if cooperating with rich or bold color accents, such as gold or silver. The others ideas could come from mini faux tree, berry, and bells. The mini faux tree could be a lace cover cone tree, wire sparkle trees, glitter vine or twig trees, or crystal trees which can be hung ornaments, such as mini picture frames or couple, key chains, or small bags of candy. The other ideas can be faux or real pinecones, pine boughs or wreathes or berry sprigs.

Winter Centerpieces Decoration

Chunky Candle and Cranberries

Unique Modern Look Topiary Centerpiece

Snowflakes Centerpiece Idea

Blue Winter Centerpiece

Roses Cranberries Centerpiece


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